Lower the stress level with Greek mountain tea

Many people are completely unfamiliar with the plant. And it's not surprising, as it is originally native to the Mediterranean region and the Balkans. It grows in places that are at least 1000 meters above sea level and requires a lot of sunlight. Today, the plant is cultivated in fields to ensure consistent quality through controlled cultivation. The plant has gained significant recognition through the research work of Professor Jens Pahnke. Professor Pahnke has demonstrated in experiments with mice suffering from Alzheimer's disease that their orientation abilities significantly improved after the administration of the Sideritis scardica plant.

1. Name Origin

The name Sideritis scardica comes from Greek. Sideros means iron. It is believed that the plant was previously used for injuries caused by iron weapons, thus earning its name. Since the herb was more common in Greece, it was named "Greek ironwort" in German-speaking areas. Because the plant is primarily prepared as tea, it is now more commonly referred to as "Greek mountain tea."

2. Application Area: Stress

The applications of Greek mountain tea are numerous; in ancient times, it was used as a home remedy for colds. In our era, its use against stress, anxiety disorders, sleep problems, and more is particularly interesting. The plant's active ingredients also have a positive effect on our cognitive performance.

In a study at the University of Hanover, published in the "International Journal of Phytomedicine" in 2016, researchers examined the effect of Greek mountain tea extract on patients suffering from chronic stress.

The study is based on the assumption that chronic stress affects our mental performance. It is proven that people who are constantly stressed have more difficulty concentrating. They also find it harder to grasp new content and then retain it in memory.

This is certainly an experience that many of us share. Anyone who has experienced exam stress can relate to this well. Due to the ongoing pressure, many people find it difficult to absorb new learning material. During the exam itself, they then experience what we colloquially call a "blackout." The stress causes them to forget what they had previously learned.

Working in a noisy environment, such as an open-plan office, also falls into this category. People who are stressed by the constant noise find it much harder to concentrate on their work.

The study concluded that extracts from Greek mountain tea combined with vitamin B could reduce the patients' stress levels and improve overall stress resistance after just six weeks. Here you can find the study.

Stress very often also affects sleep quality. The increased release of stress hormones often leads to sleep disturbances. This manifests as long falling asleep phases, short sleep phases, or even persistent insomnia.

If we suffer from stress for an extended period, the stress level does not necessarily decrease even when the corresponding factors or triggers are removed. This means that the resulting sleep problems can persist. Greek mountain tea has a calming effect and lowers stress levels, thus it often helps with sleep problems.

3. Greek Mountain Tea in Renovare 500

We source our Greek mountain tea from Greece. What makes Renovare 500 special is its high concentration of active ingredients (250 mg of mountain tea extract per tablet). The alcoholic, highly concentrated extract is significantly more effective than a watery tea extract or the commonly offered dried, powdered plant parts on the market. Greek mountain tea has no known side effects and is therefore suitable for long-term use. Renovare 500 tablets are also gastro-resistant. This ensures that the active ingredients are only absorbed in the intestine, where they can be utilized much better.

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